irinafan (irinafan) wrote in medpartytime,

I've been waiting for this one.

Kate participated in the book "Hollywood Pinups" by Timothy White. He's a photographer who's apparently spent the last few months shooting Hollywood people in pinup gear.

Here's the Kate one.

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(Not a fake, but an actual photo =))
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OMG yay good quality, i only saw some bad scans but never a really good one :D
thanks soo much for posting :D
I'm searching these pictures. May I ask where do you find it? If you can't tell me I undestand, not a problem but I trey to ask :P
Kate is gorgeous. Such a hot picture!
Thanks for posting.
Ooh, that's smokin'. Thanks!
Hello there, Kate!! She's looking stunning, as always!

Thanks so much for posting!
She looks like Renee Russo from a decade ago. Not a bad woman to be compared to. It's the face and hair.